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Baby Jesus Poem that would be perfect for Sunday School, a church service, or carol concerts? We hope that you find our ultimate collection of Christmas religious poetry and readings helpful when planning Christmas festivities. Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth and it is celebrated in all over the world, as a religious holiday or as a time of celebration by Christians and non-Christians.

Christmas is the time for celebrating with friends, family and other loved ones by wishes messages or by sharing & sending greetings images etc. So here we are bringing you the Merry Christmas Poem. We’ve collected Merry Christmas Poetry in English. Christmas is a spiritual time to be thankful for the great blessings that we enjoy every day with our lovely friends, wonderful family & relatives.

Our collection has included also Merry Christmas Poem in English about prayer for Jesus Christ. You may use this collection as a Christmas Poetry for Facebook & Whatsapp Share. May this Christmas brings a lot of happiness & blessings in your life.

Baby Jesus Poem

A White Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas.
With a blanket of white.
That covered the earth all through the night.
The trees sparkled like diamonds.
With a glitter so bright.
That each little twinkle made its own Christmas light.
A hope and a prayer a white Christmas would be.
Awaiting the dawn so all could see.
The beauty and joy a white Christmas does bring.
To the holiday season as carolers sing.
For twas the night before Christmas.
God answered your prayer.
With a blanket of white.
Placed with God’s loving care.
By Carla Jean Laglia Esely

Once Upon a Christmastime

Once upon a Christmastime
The angels sang with joy,
To herald the coming
Of a precious Baby Boy.
Their shouting filled the heavens
And shook the mighty Earth,
And sent the shepherds searching
For the place of His glorious birth.
And when they found the manger
And gazed upon His face,
They knelt in adoration
In that low and holy place.
Oh, Father, fill me with the love
That filled the Earth that night,
A love that reaches throughout the world
And fills it with Your light.
By Dona M. Maroney

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