Christmas Paper Tree

How to Make Christmas Paper Tree?

Christmas Paper TreeChristmas Paper Tree

Christmas Paper Tree, Decorating home with a paper Christmas tree can be the most affordable way to create a festive atmosphere around.

Materials needed:

Green construction paper (or any color you like)


Tape Roll

Any Colored marker

Decorations items like a colored paper, stickers, glitter, ribbon,

Craft glue or glue dots to stick the decorations

A hot glue gun and glue stick to attach the topper (optional)

Instructions How to Make:

Cut two similar tree shapes out of the paper. Start by stacking two sheets of constructional paper & folding them in half. Draw a half tree shape using a market on the exterior of the paper. Finally, cut along the drawn lines through both sheets of paper. Now get two identical tree shapes.

Cut the slits in tree-shape for joining them together. First of all, find and mark the vertical middle point of each tree by folding in half, then slightly fold or mark the center. Now, cut a slit in one tree from the top down to the middle mark, and cut a slit in the other one from the bottom up to the middle.

Now join the two shapes and make a tree. Slide the two pieces all along the slits so that the center points match. Take a few pieces of clear tape at the top and bottom of the tree to hold in firmly and together. Now, fold the tree open so that it may stand on its own.

Have fun decking up your Christmas tree! Use sparklers, ribbons, thread, or any other decoration to spruce up your Xmas tree!

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