December Status for Whatsapp

Merry Christmas Status for Whatsapp

Merry Christmas StatusChristmas Status

December Status for Whatsapp, Merry Christmas Status Quotes, We are providing Large Collection of Short Xmas Status. Christmas is an occasion when everybody wants to enjoy with friends and family. Wish all of your friends and family by updating your Christmas status on this Christmas with these best Merry Christmas Status. These Merry Christmas Status are the best ever published on the web and mostly liked by visitors.

Here you will get latest Christmas statuses for all your friends, family and colleagues. Find the right one to wish for the Christmas holiday or update your Xmas status on this joys occasion of Xmas Day. Send perfect Christmas messages to your dearest one. This Christmas with your friends and followers on the greatest social networking site.

Hello Folks! Every one of you must be excited now as one of your most favorite or best festival is soon to light up your life and fill it with more fun and enjoyment in your lives. You get careful about Christmas and feel happy and excited to value each moment. These days, Facebook status, Instagram Status and Whatsapp status are one of the easiest ways of wishing Merry Christmas to all your friends without any kind of hassles.

December Status for Whatsapp

Wow Christmas shopping is pretty much done. All I have left is to just sit here and mourn the death of my bank account

Santa, all I want for Christmas is for my loved ones to be happy and healthy and to let them all know they all have a very special place in my heart xxx

Dear Santa, I didn’t want to make it too hard for you this year, so, the only thing on my list this year is…1 year paid leave from work…with bonus…

The real magic of Christmas is that the money from wallet vanishes instantly.

Dear Santa, It is not politically correct to say that someone is “Naughty”! They are just “Nicely Challenged’!

Santa never locks his bags because he owns a black belt.

My girlfriend told me she was hoping for a white Christmas.. So I spun ked in her eyes

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

Christmas is cancelled. I told Santa I’ve been good this year. He died laughing.

Christmas reminds me that I am in great need of gifts.

What’s red and white and red, red and white, and red and white? Santa Claus rolling down a hill!

Christmas tells us We Are Never Alone. So WhatsApp me whenever you can.

To my Friends and Family, Near and Far: I love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas..

Just got home and found all the doors and windows open and everything gone! What kind of sicko does that to someone advent calendar?

Christmas does not come from the pockets, it comes from the heart. It’s not about gifts, rather family and friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Every day is a Christmas, but then we celebrate it only one day a year and wait for 364 days.

Is thinking the greatest gift at Christmas is spending time with loved ones… Priceless.

Even if you had one bad year, remember there’s still life ahead.

I don’t need to diet this Christmas. I am inspired by Santa Claus.

Don’t wait for the luck to come to you, work hard and grab it with both hands.

Santa’s biggest gift to me is YOU.

You can only believe in Santa if the kid inside you is alive.

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