Short Christmas Prayer

Short Merry Christmas Prayer

Merry Christmas PrayersChristmas Prayers

Short Christmas Prayer A selection of contemporary, traditional and ancient Xmas pray for the seasons of Advent and Merry Christmas Prayer. As we approach the holiday season, we are faced with yet another opportunity to pause in the midst of all the excitement, decorations, and commercialization, to consider again the origin of Christmas the One whose birth we celebrate.

Lord, in this holy season of Christmas Prayer and song and laughter, we praise you for the great wonders you have sent us: for shining star and angel's song, for infant's cry in lowly manger. We praise you for the Word made flesh in a little Child. We behold his glory, and are bathed in its radiance. Let's not forget the true meaning of why we celebrate during this time of year. Celebrate the baby Jesus and trust Him as Savior today.

Be with us as we sing the ironies of Merry Christmas Prayers, the incomprehensible comprehended, the poetry made hard fact, the helpless Babe who cracks the world asunder. You may read aloud these Prayers for Christmas with family members or say them silently with sincerity and faith to experience peace of mind.

Short Christmas Prayer

Into the daily cycle of our lives
When all seems well
With us and with the world
our yoke is easy
And the burden light
You break in
And scatter our complacency
Into the daily cycle of our lives
When we are comfortable
And at our ease
When the fire is lit
But eyes are closed
You break in
And challenge our dependency
You break into
Our daily prayers
Humble hearts
Lay souls bare
You break in
You break in
You break in
When defenses are down
With an Angel's shout
Or the quietest sound
You break in
You break in
And we change
And all things change
When you break in

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