Strawberry Jam Biscuit

How to Make Strawberry Jam Biscuit

Strawberry Jam BiscuitStrawberry Jam Biscuit

Strawberry Jam Biscuit Recipe for This Christmas


1/2 Cup Sugar

1 Cup Butter

2 Cup Flour

1 Egg

Heart shape moulds

200 Gram Strawberries

50 Gram Sugar

5 Gram Gelatin

How to Make

1.First make short bread by slowly mixing together sugar, butter and flour.

2..Also add an egg once it all come together to make a dough, dust some more flour and roll it flat like a chapatti. Cut it with a heart shape ring mould then take another bigger cutter to make a layer of shortbread to form boundaries.

3.Bake it for 180 degree for about 9 minutes .

To prepare strawberry jam:

1.Blend strawberries and sugar together and add gelatin. Boil it until thick.

2.Chill the jam down and fill between heart moulds along with some generous icing of sugar on it before serving.

Now Your Delicious Strawberry Jam Biscuit ready serve and eat.

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