Christmas SymbolsChristmas Symbols

Christmas Symbols is Many familiar Christmas symbols are full of biblical meaning and Christian history. Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great fervor, marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditions differ in different parts of the world, but there are some common symbols which are closely associated with this festival. Let’s know the significance and symbolism behind them.

Christmas Star

Christmas Star of Bethlehem nowadays often just called the Christmas Star is a major seasonal symbol throughout the world.

Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas Mistletoe One of the beliefs in the early centuries was that mistletoe grew from birds. People used to believe that.

Christmas Ivy

Christmas Ivy, Holly, Ivy and other greenery such as Mistletoe were originally used in pre Christian times to help celebrate the ward off evil spirits.

Christmas Laurel

Christmas Laurel is the first Christians in Ancient Rome decorated their homes at the Saturnalia with laurel.

Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Christmas festival and season, religious or secular.

Christmas Rosemary

Christmas Rosemary was used during the Middle Ages by housewives to spread on the floor at Christmas.

Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly Its evergreen nature means its leaves are more thick skinned than most other flowers and shrubs, giving.

Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose, The Mistletoe, a highly popular decoration item for Christmas and also the name of a Justin Bieber Christmas song.

Christmas Poinsettia

Christmas poinsettia was made widely known because of a man called Joel Roberts Poinsett that’s why we call them Poinsettia.

Christmas Glastonbury Thorn

Christmas Glastonbury Thorn legend ties in Christ’s death as well as the celebration of his birth. Not surprisingly, they were seen as holy thorns.

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking is most popular legend about why stockings are hung at Christmas goes something like this.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath has significant meaning for the season. It’s circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end.

Christmas Toys

Christmas Toys is Almost all kids give in to the temptation of receiving Christmas toys as gifts in holiday season.

Christmas Yule Log

Christmas Yule Log is performed with high spirits and sanctity. Different countries have different ways of performing this tradition.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree is the symbolic meaning of Christmas trees originates in pagan culture where the evergreen represents life.

Christmas Cracker

Christmas Cracker is a type of party favor originating in England, but now widely used throughout the modern world to celebrate Christmas.