Christmas Stocking

Christmas StockingChristmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking is most popular legend about why stockings are hung at Christmas goes something like this:  A recently widowed man and father of three girls was having a tough time making ends meet. Even though his daughters were beautiful, he worried that their impoverished status would make it impossible for them to marry.

As a child, I loved hanging my Christmas stocking almost as much as I enjoyed decorating the tree or baking cookies for Santa. The question of why we hang stockings at Christmas never even crossed my mind, though, because to me, the fancy sock merely signified extra presents.

In Holland the children fill their shoes with hay and a carrot for the horse of Sinterklaas. In Hungary children shine their shoes before putting them near the door or a window sill. Many families create their own Christmas stockings with each family member’s name applied to the stocking so that Santa (or the family members) aren’t confused about which belongs to whom.

Stocking hanging options won’t do any good if you don’t have a stocking! Start a new tradition with matching Christmas stockings, or make someone new feel like family by giving them a personalized Christmas stocking. We’ve got a variety of options for all sorts of styles. Find one that will become a treasured part of your Christmas tradition.